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Welcome to the International Loving Touch Foundation (ILTF) infant pediatric massage instructor community. ILTF is one of the first established training programs of infant massage in the world. ILTF is an accredited program that provides trainings, resources and classes in the field of infant and pediatric massage. Loving Touch® educates individuals and groups in 2- and 3-Day Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) hands-on certification trainings, known as the CIMI® (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) Training Program.


ILTF Founder and Director Diana Moore, MS, LMT, CIMI® is a recognized leader and founding specialist in infant massage and has been educating parents and professionals for over 35 years. She has authored books, produced videos, created infant massage educational materials for instructors and much more.


ILTF has trained countless numbers of parents and instructors worldwide. ILTF offers infant pediatric massage classes/certifications, infant massage products, infant massage instructor support, infant massage instructor directory and much more. See below for some of our services we offer. In conjunction with our program we have a retail store located without our corporate location called EcoBaby Gear. Our Loving Touch Classoom is a much loved and appreciated space for all the families we serve. You can visit our store at www.ecobabygear.com. 


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Loving Touch looks forward to providing you with the tools, resources, and networking contacts you need to be successful as an infant massage instructor. Whether you teach infant massage or baby massage through your workplace or independently in your community, our Online Membership Community is dedicated to meeting your needs. The growing network of individuals who teach infant massage understand how critical it is for us to be united and work together for a common cause.


Loving Touch Instructor Commentaries:

Diana, I just wanted to say thank you for doing the infant massage class in St. Louis. This is something I have been interested in for a long time but could never find a course close enough to attend.  The class was more than I ever imagined. I was able to come back to my NICU and outpatient practice and immediately use some of the massage strokes and techniques. I have had so many positive experiences in such a short period of time. We had a 28 week infant that I began doing massage with at 32 weeks. He had increased weight gain in 3 days. Our treatment team was in conference and the nurse's exact words were "I don't know what happened but he had a major weight gain the last couple of days." I have provided massage to a 3 month old with club foot, had a 2 month old with GI issues, that had "no fussy time" the first night after the massage class.  I have used massage with some of our irritable infants in the NICU and with 2 infants with brachial plexus injuries. My neonatalogist watches me do the massage sometimes and she is ready to take the class herself.  She is sold and is telling the parents, other physicians and staff members about how it helps. I just want to thank you for sharing your passion and your talents with us and the babies and families that I will work with. I believe this has changed my life and career.  I am so thankful and excited about the opportunities for the future 


Anne Mosier, OT, Medical Center Bowling Green, Kentucky (2013)