Loving Touch® Self-Study Continuing Education Program

Self-Study Continuing Education Program   |   CE Hours

CIMIs are required to fulfill three (3) hours of Continuing Education (CE) per year to maintain their active CIMI status. Most CE requirements for your profession are transferable to your renewal. If you do not have access to continuing educational programs, the books offered below for self study are approved by ILTF to fulfill this requirement.

CIMIs who choose to do ILTF Self-Study Continuing Education will be provided a Continuing Education Worksheet. After reading your selection, return your completed CE worksheet to ILTF. Your CEs will be recorded and a certificate of completion will be mailed to you.

ILTF Continuing Education Information

Three (3) CE hours for one-year renewals; six (6) hours for two-year renewals. CE hours must be completed in the 12-month period prior to renewal. If you need to complete CE hours for this upcoming renewal, please select from the books below. First-year renewals are exempt from submitting CE hours.

Click on the link below for a list of books.