LovingTouch® Infant Massage Program Travels to Hong Kong

This training happened at the end of the Chinese New Year. There were many festivities underway. The year of the Tiger - of which I was born in the year of the Tiger so that is apparently good luck. Nora Leong hosted the Loving Touch CIMI program in Kowloon. We had a wonderful group of educators from various background and locations around Asia.  Three people came from Korea.  The Loving Touch program is spreading to all corners of the world. Nora will be in the states in February 2011 as she is working towards her Licensure as a Teacher Trainer with Loving Touch.

Diana Moore, MS, LMT, CIMI® with Nora Leung, CIMI®

Hong Kong Infant Massage Training Demo Class with dolls

Final day with participants in the Certified Infant Massage Training Class.