More about Diana Moore

Diana began practicing, teaching and researching various methods of the techniques in the mid seventies. She traveled to India on a spiritual mission trip and discovered that infant massage was fairly common parenting practice taught by mothers and handed down to their daughters. Having returned from India she began spreading the "good news" of its benefits because she recognized that most parents were lacking in knowledge regarding this simple yet valuable experience to enhance the relationship with their babies.  In her quest, she met a lady from Denver Colorado, Vimala Schneider McClure who had had a similar experience in India and they connected. She attended a training taught by Vimala and shortly thereafter became a part of a movement to bring infant massage to families near and afar. The first organization was established and she became one of the founding board members of the International Association of Infant Massage Instructors (IAIMI)  (501-c-3). Her responsibilities included both business director and Teacher Trainer with the IAIMI for 10 years. She encouraged and pushed the professional advancement of infant massage. Subsequently, the International Loving Touch Foundation, Inc. came into being was founded in 1992 to further her dreams. Today, these two organizations are the only ones entitled to the use of the CIMI trademark which stands for Certified Infant Massage Instructor. The CIMI trademark is the oldest established mark for this field.

Diana has traveled worldwide promoting and establishing infant massage. Her courses are taught primarily in medical centers, rehabilitation hospitals for special needs children, and other programs that focus on the zero to 5 populations. Some of the countries she has trained in include: Australia, Canada, China, Croatia, Hong Kong, Moldova, Romania and Singapore. She led 8 infant massage therapy teams to Romania through Medical Teams International. The teams comprised  multi-discipinary professionals (OT's, PT's, Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers) providing medical aide, materials and supplies and training to healthcare professionals and cargivers of children in state run orphanages. 

Diana opened an retail store with her youngest son in 2007 called EcoBaby Gear. The store provides eco-friendly, safe, organic and natural products for families as well as an educational space for classes.