Infant Massage Articles & Stories

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Twins Magazine: May/June, 1999
Article: Touches of Love: Massaging Infant Multiples
By: Diana Moore, MS, LMT, CIMI
Featuring: ILTF, Diana Moore
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Newsweek Magazine (Japan): 12/22/2004
Article: Infant Massage Article (text in Japanese)
Featuring: Loving Tough
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Professional Bodyworkers: Spring, 1998
Article: Touching Lives in Romania
By: Patt Jensen
Featuring: ILTF, Diana Moore
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Metro Parent: Your Baby & You, 2005 - 2006
Article: The Power of Touch
By: Emily Puro
Featuring: ILTF, Diana Moore
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New York Dispatch: 08/19/2001
Article: How touching through infant massage strengthens the parent-child bond..
By: Leslie Gray Streeter
Featuring: ILTF, CIMI Member
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New Jersey Ledger: 03/25/1999
Article: Massage therapists to share a loving touch with orphans
By: Angela Stewart
Featuring: ILTF, Diana Moore
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Rapid City Journal: 01/04/2000
Article: Infant Massage Therapist: Massaging baby benefits parents and child
By: Mary Duffy
Featuring: ILTF & CIMI
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Oregon Journal: 09/29/1981
Article: Massage: It rub you the right way
Featuring: Diana Moore, LMT (Formally Sagnotti)
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