• Once you have received access to the online course there is no refund. You will have 90 days to complete your online training from the day you have access into the course. Access is granted after all paper work and funds are received.  If you have an emergency and cannot finish the online course within the time frame given, please contact our office directly. Your time line will expire automatically. All re-entries will be determined on an individual basis.

• If you have not yet been granted access to the online course, the course may be transferred to another individual. All individuals must complete all paperwork for training, regardless of transfer. All cases will be handled on an individual basis. 

• To complete your CIMI Certified Infant Massage Instructor Training and receive CIMI Certification students must attend the Virtual Training. Virtual Trainings follow completion of the online portion of your course. Those dates and trainers are assigned and we will make every effort to accommodate the trainer of your choice and dates. 

Rescheduling your Virtual Training with your Trainer. If you are scheduled for a Virtual Training and need to reschedule, you must give your trainer a 72 hour advance notice to cancel in order to reschedule another one. You will have up to 6 months from the online portion to complete your Virtual Training. Requesting more time may result in an additional reactivation fee.

• If you are a no show for your scheduled Virtual Training you will have forfeited your virtual Training. In order to get back into a Virtual training at another point in time you will need to contact our office and pay a re-instatement fee of $150. 

International Loving Touch Foundation, Inc.

In the event that you need to cancel your registration, please call, e-mail or send Loving Touch a registered letter. You must state the course title, date and location upon cancellation.

• If you cancel a minimum $150.00 administrative and processing fee will be applied to all cancellations.

• If you cancel within 13 business days up to 48 hours prior to the start of the class, the registration fee will be refunded minus a $250.00 processing fee.

• If you cancel within 48 hours prior to training or you do not show up for the course, any and all registration fees paid will be retained in full. No refund. Credit requests will be determined on an individual basis and must be submitted in writing within 30 calendar days of the training date.

• All supplies are nonrefundable.

• All refunds or requests for credit must be submitted in writing within 30 calendar days of the training date and will be determined on an individual basis.

If ILTF cancels a training, there are several options available with regard to refund and credit:

If the class has been cancelled and rescheduled for the same location by ILTF, the original registration fee that has been paid will be applied to the rescheduled dates of training at the same location.

If the class has been cancelled and rescheduled at the same location by ILTF, and you can not attend the training during the rescheduled dates, you will be refunded in full. Supplies are nonrefundable.

If the class has been cancelled, regardless of whether or not it has been rescheduled for the same location, your paid registration fee may be used as credit to any other location available within one year of the cancellation. We will honor the registration fee (if paid in full) for the first class in which you were registered, regardless of any increase in registration fees for the new course that you choose to attend. If you did not pay for the first course in full, you will be charged for the updated fee for the second class in which you would be registered.

If the class has been cancelled, and you are in a position to host the training at your location, a refund will be given. Supplies are nonrefundable.

Cancellation Policy Updated 10/01/2022