What type of oil should I use & why?

Using oil on the skin helps avoid friction during massage

When Loving Touch is used with newborns, oil may not be needed. Studies conducted at the Touch Research Institute indicate that the use of oil had a better response than not using oil. Natural cold-pressed or organic oils, such as sweet almond, apricot, sesame seed or grapeseed oil, will nourish your baby’s skin and give a very smooth and pleasant feeling. Its not recommended to use mineral oil-based lotions, peanut oil or baby powder. The reason for using natural and organic oil is because babies put their hands in their mouths and the use of unscented oil helps them recongize their mother’s scent.

When should I give my baby infant massage?

Infant and or baby massage can be done at any time of the day. The best time to begin a massage is when your infant is the Quiet Alert State. Many parents like to massage before or after the bath and it is also preferable to massage between feedings.

How long should the massage last?

Generally, a massage will last about 20-30 minutes. However, it could be longer or shorter depending on how your little one likes the touch. Watch for your babies cues of engagement, like smiling or reaching towards caregiver. The main thing to note is that you both are enjoying the time together!

Why do we teach 2-Day programs?

We teach an advanced 2-Day program because our curriculum covers the critical and necessary information students need to know in order to get certified as an infant massage instructor. With upfront information, students are prepared prior to coming to the training. We suggest reading materials ahead of time.  A majority of participants who take the program have extensive experience in early childhood education and/or medical clinical backgrounds. No need to spend a portion of the training reviewing information that students are already familiar with or use in their present day practice. Additionally, it makes our trainings more cost effective – there’s less time away from work, less cost to attend the training, thus we keep our training fees lower than other programs. The practicum that follows the training insures that our students are well prepared to teach. We are sensitive to your time and money. Finally, our founder and lead trainer has had extensive experience teaching this program over the past thirty five years and is confident in knowing what our students need to insure their success as an instructor of infant massage. The Loving Touch curriculum is sound and is evidence-based practice.

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