Baby Shiatsu: Gentle Touch to Help Your Baby Thrive


Babies feel intuitively what scientists have needed painstaking research to establish: being touched and caressed is good for you. It makes you clever and cheerful, strengthens the parent-child bond, and lays the foundation for a healthy life.

With baby shiatsu you can support your child’s development. The gentle pressure-point massage meets the needs of tiny babies. This book shows you the various shiatsu techniques step by step. The first year of life is divided into four sections: one to three months, four to six months, seven to nine months, and ten to twelve months. There are also specific techniques to help with health problems, which can, for example, soothe tummy ache and counteract difficulty in sleeping. (160 pages)

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Baby Shiatsu: Gentle Touch to Help Your Baby Thrive (2012) – Carin Kalbantner – Wernicke and Tina Haase

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