Modalities for Massage and Bodywork



Modalities for Massage and Bodywork (2015 Revision –Elsevier) – Elaine Stillerman

Our founder, Diana Moore, contributes the Infant and Pediatric Massage Chapter 6. Learn more about the specialty practice of infant massage and how you can get certified. Gain a better understanding of the top modalities in massage practice with expert insight and a balanced, user-friendly approach! This current, consistently organized resource distills a wealth of information on 21 popular massage modalities into easy-to-read overviews detailing the essential principles behind each therapy. Identify the modalities that best apply to your clients, incorporate key concepts into your practice, and take the first steps toward specialization all with one helpful text! (488 pages)

(2 chapters = 3 CEs / 4 chapters = 6 CEs)