Welcome to the International Loving Touch Foundation (ILTF) infant pediatric massage instructor community. The International Loving Touch Foundation is one of the world’s first established training programs of infant massage. ILTF was officially incorporated in 1992 although its founder began teaching infant massage in the early 70’s.  ILTF is an accredited program that provides trainings, resources and classes in the field of infant and pediatric massage. Loving Touch® educates individuals and groups in 2-day formats. Our program is listed under prevention on the Oregon Registry** as an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP (Discipline: Prevention) hands-on certification trainings, known as the CIMI® (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) Training Program. CIMI is a registered trademark and is a recognized acronym for Certified Infant Massage Instructor. **See pg. 5

Our Founder and Director Diana Moore, MS, LMT, CIMI® is a recognized leader and specialist in infant massage and has been educating parents and professionals for over 35 years. She has authored books, produced audio visual materials, created infant massage educational materials for instructors, traveled overseas to develop programs in orphanages and much more.

ILTF has trained countless numbers of professionals and parents worldwide. ILTF offers infant pediatric massage classes/certifications, infant massage products, infant massage instructor support, CIMI instructor directory and a specialized calendar of classes exclusively for parents offered by our registered instructors.  See below for some of our services we offer. In conjunction with our program we have a retail store located within our corporate location called EcoBaby Gear. Here we maintain a retail store offering eco-friendly, safe, natural and non-toxic products for the families we serve. You can visit our store at www.ecobabygear.com