Testimonials from Healthcare Professionals & others who have taken and teach the Loving Touch® Parent-Infant Massage Program.

“The infant massage techniques have brought normalcy to children and families who would have been facing a lifetime of emotional and developmental difficulties. The human touch is such a powerful source of life!” Cheryl Wickrema, OTR/L

Did the training meet your expectations? “Absolutely. I was unsure of what to expect. The instruction, plus materials, research and information has made this a very thorough and comprehensive course.” Elizabeth Mitchell

“Infant massage is a great way for parents and their child to communicate love, trust and respect. This training prepared us to successfully and confidently teach parents the techniques & the practice of infant massage.” Alison Wu, MPT -Greenacres, WA.

“Diana was in tune with the students at all times and encouraged group participation at all times. Her positive reinforcement with the students, moms and babies made it all worthwhile.  I feel privledged to have learned from Diana and look forward to bringing this back to my community.” Infant Massage Student

“I think infant massage has the greatest potential to benefit our society than any other intervention.” Larry White, D.O. Hillcrest Medical Center & St. Anthony Medical Center Behavioral Medicine, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

“I would recommend this training to all professionals working with developmentally delayed babies.”Betty Fortune, Early Childhood Interventionist Specialist-Texas.

“To learn how to teach parents to use touch for bonding and attachment with their infants is an experience to be treasured. To be part of the solution where family struggles due to infant colic or health issues are stressors and barriers to bonding and positive attachment is simply beyond words. Thank you for all you do!” Debra L. Gleason, Woodridge, Illinois.

“Diana did an awesome job!! Her years of research and development are very apparent, she is a wealth of knowledge. The training was amazing – I can’t wait to put it into practice!!” Infant Massage Student

“One of the best CEU’s classes I’ve taken!” Jamie Hill, Nashville, TN.

“Thank you. Finally a course that gives useful information and education that can be applied to my job.” Anonymous

“Loving Touch classes were so enlightening.  Infant Massage is such a beautiful way to build family bonds and improve children’s and parents health and well-being. This feels more like a ministry to me where I could offer this wonderful opportunity to parents and help them improve a part of their lives.” Anonymous