Testimonials from Healthcare Professionals & others who have taken and teach the Loving Touch® Parent-Infant Massage Program.

” Diana is not just an expert in her field – she is *the* top expert and outright founder of her craft. She has dedicated her life to infant massage, and her knowledge and experience are invaluable. She cares deeply for clients and colleagues, and provides a high-impact service to her industry.”

Leslie Chalmers, Independent Medical Illustration and Animation

“As a healthcare professional, I found this class to be very informative. I will be able to apply what I have learned with my patients” OTR/L

“I believe this program is a game changer for professionals who go into the home/work and work with parents and babies. This is a great tool you want! To be able to teach families this loving touch method will truly be a gift to your families” Program Supervisor

“This was very beneficial, a skill that could be used for many purposes to help my patients and their families. I really enjoyed being able to teach an active parent the techniques during the training” Physical Therapist

“Great advocacy for families and children” Program Services Coordinator

“Diana was in tune with the students at all times and encouraged group participation at all times. Her positive reinforcement with the students, moms and babies made it all worthwhile.  I feel privledged to have learned from Diana and look forward to bringing this back to my community.” Infant Massage Student

“Such an informative and relevant course for me! I was very impressed with the knowledge and skill of the instructors, Diana and Johana. Not a dull moment, no wasted time. Engaging, interesting, hands-on instruction provided in a comfortable and professional setting. I would highly recommend this training to any professionals with the infants and their families” ECSE Teacher

“I had a great time learning and gathering information from everyone! Speakers had such a way of interaction that kept this very info packed class engaging. Thank you! Occupational Therapist

“Diana did an awesome job!! Her years of research and development are very apparent, she is a wealth of knowledge. The training was amazing – I can’t wait to put it into practice!!” Infant Massage Student

“I highly recommend this training for anyone working with babies and infants. The informations so useful and valuable” Program Supervisor

“Thank you. Finally a course that gives useful information and education that can be applied to my job.” Anonymous

“To learn how to teach parents to use touch for bonding and attachment with their infants is an experience to be treasured. To be part of the solution where family struggles due to infant colic or health issues are stressors and barriers to bonding and positive attachment is simply beyond words. Thank you for all you do!” Anonymous

“Lynn (Licensed Trainer) is passionate about infant massage and that is inspiring as she trains. She is good at relating content to a variety of settings. She was open to discussing all questions and concerns.” Wildwood, Missouri

“Lynn (Licensed Trainer) has a very calm and soothing voice, which lends itself to course content, and creates a nice learning environment. She clearly has extensive training and knowledge in this field.”

Physical Therapist